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this world can be ugly, but isn't it beautiful?

rachel berry + the struggle

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And that’s what you missed on Orphan Black.

We’ve reblogged this before, we are reblogging it now, and we will reblog it again in the future.

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nev was so calm and understanding of the catfishes in the first two seasons and now he’s like “IF U A CATFISH ILL KILL UR FAMILY” what broke him

this man 


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Thank you so much. Thank you to the Critics for continuing to support our show, BBC America, SPACE, Temple Street, John and Graeme, Karen Walton, John Nelles, Kathryn Alexandre, Steven and Sandy who do my hair and make up, Debra who does costumes, you guys have created these characters, thank you so much. My family, for being my inspiration[…] And to Tom, my favorite actor on the planet. My absolute, best best one. My best guy. Thank you!

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Congratulations Tatiana Maslany on winning the 2014 Critics Choice Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series

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Dealing With Defiance: Alternatives To Yelling And Threats


I just got back from coffee with a friend-of-a-friend who is going into elementary teaching. She asked me how I deal with run-of-the-mill defiance: most kids aren’t completely out of control, but many students do talk back from time to time or respond with stubbornness. She told me that most…

I use mostly the narrate their behaviour tactic, but combine it with sharing my own feelings about the situation too. I’ll say “I feel like you’re acting like _________ because _________, is that right?” and “I understand why you would feel frustrated/angry/etc., but I’m not feeling respected (or whatever other applicable feeling) right now, can you understand why I would feel that way?”. I find that the kids are usually able to empathize with me and make a real effort to change their behaviour once I interact with them as a person sharing their feelings rather than just an authority figure. I’m a substitute middle school teacher though, so maybe this wouldn’t work all the time or in every grade, but I find it’s pretty effective!

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the pack survives.

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2013: who’s Tatiana Maslany
2014: who ISN’T Tatiana Maslany

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